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Hurling is a contact sport that is usually played outdoors. It is of Gaelic and Irish origins. It can also be called lomanaiocht, iomaint, and iomain.

This game was first played in Ireland. The game is played with two teams each with 15 members per team. Substitutions are allowed. Both men and women can play the game, though women mostly play the similar sport of Camogie. The aim of the game is for the players to use a wooden stick, which is called a hurley, and hit a small ball which is called a sliotar.

Hurling is a popular sport in Ireland Hurling is a popular sport in Ireland

The players should hit it between the opposing team’s goalposts; it can be over the crossbar for a point, or under the crossbar, which is defended by a goalkeeper, for a goal which is worth three points. The sliotar can be touched by the hands and can be carried for not more than four steps. It can also be struck in the air and struck on the ground with the hurley.

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