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Field Lacrosse

Field Lacrosse is the full-contact outdoor men's version of lacrosse. In this game there are 10 players are on each team. It is one of three major versions of lacrosse played internationally (the others are Box Lacrosse and Women's Lacrosse).

The field is 110 yards long by 60 yards wide. A triangle handled racket is used to carry the rubber ball across the 110 yard field. The ball’s weight is about 140-149 grams. The triangle head of the racket is used to carry the ball to score in the opponent’s goal.

Each team in men's lacrosse has ten players, generally postitioned around the field as three attack men, three mid-fielders, three defensemen and a goalie. In men's lacrosse, midfielders can cover the full field. Defensemen and attack men must stay on their respective sides of the midfield line so that there are no more than six offensive players (not including the goalie) on the defending side. A defensemen can cross the midfield line into the offensive side while carrying the ball as long as a midfielder stays behind the midfield line.

lacrosse match in action lacrosse match in action

The rules say that the rubber ball should be moving all the time. The rubber ball is known as 'lacrosse ball'. The players wear certain amount of protection such as an elbow guard, a helmet and gloves to protect themselves from injuries because of the physical touch.

Lacrosse can be played by men and women. There is a World championship event known as the Lacrosse World championship, played every four years.

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