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A collection of rare, unique, unusual or just plain weird sports from around the world

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There are plenty of weird and unusual sports in the world, and even some of the mainstream sports may seem a bit unusual to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of the sports listed here would only be loved by beholders. The sports range from interesting right up to just plain whacky. See what you think.

Unusual Sports Compilations

Animal Races — if we can do it, so can the animals. Animal cruelty is not condoned.

Olympic Types — group some weird events together, and you too can have an Olympics.

Throwing Competitions — most things can be thrown, but these are unusual.

Wrestling Competitions — the sport of wrestling certainly has many unusual variations

Eating and Drinking — get it down fast, for those with an iron stomach.

Nude Sports — some people think it is a good idea to play sport in the nude.

Beer Sports — unusual sports involving beer.

A-Z of Unusual Sports — unusual sports for each letter of the alphabet.

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