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We have a huge list of hundreds of sports from around the world, listed in alphabetical order. With such an unwieldy list, it makes sense to categorise them into smaller groups. There are numerous ways to categorise these sports - they can be groups based on where, when and how they are played. Many are variations of the similar sports, have common histories, use similar equipment or similar gameplay, and these characteristics can be used to categorize them.

As an example, the now disbanded Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) used five categories for its member federations' sports. As with any such groupings, a sport may not fit nicely into any one category, with many falling into more than one.

On Topend Sports, I have started to group sports into more manageable categories such as these.

More Categories

The above categories are just some that I have used to help organise my large sports list. Here are some more that are yet to be utilized: ice sports, winter sports, cue sports ...

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