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Hybrid Sports

Of the many different sports played around the world, there are many that could be considered hybrid sports, made up of combining the attributes of two or more current sports to create a new sport.

Sports Combined

International Rules Football Games An International Rules Football game at Subiaco Oval, Perth WA, in 2017

Joining Codes

Some hybrid sports were created to enable players from different sports to play games against each other.

No Longer Active Hybrid Sports

Alternative Transport

These are not really hybrid sports, but many sports have been created by using a traditional sport, and changing the mode of moving. Polo played on horseback would be one example. Using the standard rules of polo, there are variations of polo with riders on bicycles, segways and elephants.

New Sports

Many of the new sports that have been submitted to Topend Sports have described their process of combining the attributes of different sports. It is not surprising that most new sports will have some many things in common to an existing sport, it would be challenging to come up with something completely novel considering the large number of sports already in existence.

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