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International Rules Football

International rules football, which is also known inter rules in Australia and compromise rules in Ireland, is a contact sport which consist of hybrid football codes.

The sport invented so that Australian football players (Aussie Rules) can play games against Irish football players (Gaelic football).

Two teams play it with 15 members on each team. It can be played by both men and women, although at the elite level only men play it.

The rules are a compromise between the two football codes. A round ball as used in Gaelic football is used compared to the oval AFL ball. The games are played on a rectangular (Gaelic football) field, rather than the oval of AFL. In international rules football, a player must touch the ball on the ground once every one-meter or six steps. Two bounces per possession can be done. A free kick will be awarded if a player commits a foul.

International Rules Football Games An International Rules Football game at Subiaco Oval, Perth WA, in 2017

The Aussies get to tackle, but only between the shoulders and thighs, which is otherwise banned in Gaelic football.

The goals are two large posts and two small posts, as in Australian rules, though a crossbar and goal net is incorporated as in Gaelic football. Passing the ball into the goal net receives 6 points, over the cross bar 3 points, and between a large post and a small post 1 point.

International rules football currently does not have any clubs or leagues. Games have been played since 1967, and since 1998 played annually except for the 2007 series which was canceled over concerns the Aussies were getting a bit too violent (they just did not grasp the no contact part of the rules).

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