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About the Scottish Sport of Shinty

Shinty is called camanachd iomain in Scottish. It is a 12-a-side team sport resembling field hockey, played with long curved sticks and a small ball which is hit through tall goalposts. This sport is usually played in the Scottish Highlands. This sport is actually older than the recorded history of Scotland. It was believed to have come with the Gaels from Ireland, and derived from the Irish game of Hurling.

Shinty is played by teams with 12 members each, substitutes are allowed. The aim of the game is to put a small ball into a goal, or what they call “hail,” on a 140-170-yard-long pitch. The sport is usually played on a grass.

The ball, called a sliotar, is smaller than of a tennis ball, and it is made of a cork core covered by two pieced of leather which is stitched together.

The shinty ball, called a sliotar, is made of a cork core covered by leatherThe shinty ball, called a sliotar, is made of a cork core covered by leather

Players use a stick called a caman which is about 3 ½ feet long. The player can play the ball in the air, and they can also use both side of the stick. The stick can also be used to tackle or block the opposing team.

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