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Shinty-hurling (composite rules), in Irish called Rialacha chomhréiteach sinteag-iomáint, is a hybrid sport which was made to facilitate competitions between shinty players and hurling players. The game was developed in Ireland in the 1800’s. The first game was played at Celtic Park between London Camanchd and London GAA.

Ireland is the most popular team for this sport. There are no dedicated leagues or clubs. Shinty-hurling can be played by both men and women in tournaments and international competitions. The women’s version of shinty-hurling is called shinty/camogie. The sport is played by two teams with 14 members each.

Aspects of each sport is used to make this hybrid sport. Shinty-hurling rules were designed for both teams not to gain advantage, eliminating or imposing certain restrictions.

Hurling is a popular sport in Ireland Hurling is a popular sport in Ireland

Often a hurling ball is used for one half of the game, and a shinty ball in the other. The game comprises two halves of 35 minutes each. The goals that are those used are from hurling, with 3 points awarded for a goal (in the net under the crossbar) and 1 point for a shot over the crossbar. A stationary hit taken straight from the ground and shot over the crossbar scores 2 points. Only goalkeepers may catch the ball and this must be released within three steps. Players may not kick the ball, but can drag the ball with their foot.

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