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Samoa Rules

Samoa Rules is a sport inspired by Australian Rules Football and Rugby Union. This sport originated in Samoa, an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. The controlling body is the Samoa Australian Rules Football Association (SARFA). The Vailima Six-Shooters' Championship started in 1998 as a tournament under these rules.

The rules are kind of similar to Australian rules. Two teams play with 15 players each, just like rugby union. In Samoa Rules, a player’s movement is restricted to zones. Across the center, there is a line that forwards and backs are not able to cross. The onballers can score a goal from anywhere, while the forwards can only stay on their attacking half, and the backs in their defensive half. The players are allowed to bounce the ball once, so as to encourage kicking.

Samoa rules is usually played on a rugby union pitch. The pitch is not oval, it is rectangular, unlike Australian rules. Championships for this sport started in 1998 in Samoa. There were several players from Samoa who represented Samoa Rules in the Samoan national Australian rules football team.

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