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Headis - header table tennis

Headis is a hybrid sport that mixes aspects from table tennis and soccer. The sport was invented by two German students rather by accident, when they were heading the ball towards each other on a table tennis table. 

Headis is played on a table similar in dimensions to that of a table tennis table with a net in the middle. The ball used is a 7-inch rubber ball which is about 100 grams in weight. The objective of the sport is to strike the ball with the head onto the other player's side of the table. The ball has can bounce a maximum of one time on a player's side of the table before it is returned. Unlike table tennis, players are allowed to make contact with the table and volleys are also legal in headis.

the gameplay is exactly similar to that of table tennis, where each play starts with a serve and is followed by subsequent returns until one player scores a point. Each player alternately serves two times regardless of who scores the point.

A match is played in a best of three sets format, where each set is played for 11 points, and the player to first win two sets is the winner of the match.

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