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World Lacrosse Sixes - a new fast-paced format

A new format of the sport of lacrosse, called World Lacrosse Sixes, was introduced in 2021. The format is formally known as World Lacrosse Sixes, hough is commonly referred to as Sixes. It is a streamlined version of the game, a hybrid of field and box lacrosse, designed to be more appealing to the younger generation and to make it more appealing to the International Olympic Committee as a potential sport to be added to the Olympic Games.

The aim of the new format is to help the growth of lacrosse worldwide, promoting new players by eliminating barriers to entry (e.g., cost, team size, field size) and by appealing to the next generation of players and fans due to its increased tempo, speed, scoring and less specialization.

Sixes will bring the size of a lacrosse team down from 10 to six, playing on a smaller field, while there will also be a 30-second shot clock. The game comprises four 8-minute quarters. There are fewer breaks in play with goalies to start play after each goal and player substitutions during play.

lacrosse match in action lacrosse match in action

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