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Tennis Polo (Toccer)

Tennis polo is an outdoor non-contact team sport that adapts several aspects from sports like handball, football and hurling, originated in the United States. It is also known as Toccer.

The sport is played between two teams, with 10 players on each team, on a rectangular field of size 80 x 100 yards, with goalposts on both ends. One player in each team is designated as the goalkeeper and uses a tennis racket to prevent goals from being scored. The field has a semicircular arc around each goalposts, and all goals attempts has to be made from outside the arc.

The objective of the sport is to move the ball towards the opponent’s goalposts and score a goal. The ball can be moved by throwing, kicking, or running with the ball. While running with the ball, players are not allowed to take more than 3 steps. Each player can have possession of the ball for a maximum of five seconds, after which the ball has to be passed or shot at the goal.

Tennis polo matches are usually played in two 20 minute periods, where the team that scores the most goals win. If a match is tied at the end of regulation time, overtime periods and shootouts are used to decide the winner.

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