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Tejo - a traditional Colombian sport

Tejo is a traditional Colombian sport that is believed to have been originated over few centuries ago. The sport is played in only Colombia at a recreational and competitive level.

The main equipment required for the sport is a wooden box (called a post), tejos (metal discs), and a target. The post is 90cm wide and 1m long, cut at 35 to 45 degree angle and filled with clay. A protective board much larger than the post is usually placed behind the post to protect off-target tejos from leaving the field.

The tejos used are metal discs. A circular metal ring is used as a target and is tightly screwed to the middle of the post. The targets have multiple small triangular shaped pouches filled with gunpowder, called 'mecha', fixed to it, which explodes when hit.

tejo players from the 1890s tejo players from the 1890s

The objective of the sport is to throw the tejos at the target from a distance of 20m. Points are awarded to throws based on where it lands on the post. The four scoring plays are, Hand (1 point) - For the tejo that is closest to the target, Hit (3 points) -  When the mecha explodes, Bullseye (6 points) - For the tejo that lands inside the target, and Strike (9 points) - a hit and bullseye on the same throw.

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