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Tejo (Argentinian)

Tejo is a traditional sport from Argentina with similarities to Bocce. It is not to be confused with a similarly named sport, Tejo from Colombia. The Argentinian Tejo is played between two teams, each with a series of tejos (a different color per team). Teams can be either Individual, Doubles, or Triples.

The sport is played on a rectangular sand filled field, 2.5 x 12 meters (divided into two equal parts of 6 meters). The coloured discs (tejo) are 4.5 inches in diameter and weigh about 11 ounces. In the individual game, each player has 4 discs. In doubles, each player has 3 discs (6 per team)

The play starts when one team throws the neutral disc, then their first throw. The opposition then throws until they land a disc closer. Once all the tejos are played, the team which landed the closest to a small and neutral tejo (called tejin), wins a point for each of their tejos that are closer than the opposing team's closest tejo. The aim is to score 15 points (12 points in some versions).

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