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Quoits is a traditional target throwing game in which rings are thrown at a target spike, and the objective is to get them as close as possible to the targets. The origin of the game is not very clear and there are theories that suggest the game originated from similar games played in ancient Greece. Today, quoits is mostly played in the United Kingdom and the United States.

There are several distinct variations of game play. In the traditional version, games are played on a square field measuring 3ft across filled with moist clay. Metal discs made of steel are used to throw at a metal spike positioned vertically in the middle of the field.

quoits gamequoits game

In the United Kingdom, three distinct versions of quoits exist. The "northern game" version is played with 5½ inch diameter quoits are thrown at pins that are 11yards away. In the "long game" the pins are 18 yards away from the throwing line, and the objective is to throw heavier quoits as close as possible to the pin that is flush with the ground. The "East Anglian quoits" is similar to the "long game", but is played with lighter and the objective is to get the quoits into the raised hobs.

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