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Horseshoes, which is also called horseshoe throwing, is a non-contact game which is usually played outdoors. It can be played individually, between two people, or two teams with two members each. This is a classic example of a old fashioned pastime that has turned itself into a organized and very competitive sport.

The game uses four horseshoes and two throwing targets set in a sandbox area. The game is for the players to toss the horseshoes alternately at stakes in the ground. It is usually placed 40 feet apart. Contemporary horseshoes game use a stylized u-shaped bar, it is usually larger than an actual horseshoe.

throwing horseshoes playing horseshoes at the beach

There are two ways to score in this game, by throwing ringers and by throwing the horseshoe to the nearest stake. A show, which is not a ringer, but is 6 inches closer to the stake, is worth a point. If both players’ horseshoes are closer than the opposing player, then they gain 2 points. A player gains three points for a ringer. Four points for the player in the case of one ringer and a closer horseshoe.

Horseshoe throwing technique can differ. Some players flip the horseshoe while others turn it in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. Those who turn the shoe may do so with a 3/4 turn, 1 1/4 turn or 1 3/4 turn.

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