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Digor - Bhutanese Boules

Digor is a traditional Bhutanese sport which has some similarities to boules. The objective of the sport is to throw a pair of stones as close as possible to a fixed target. The sport is very popular and is played all over Bhutan.

Digor can be played individually or in teams of up to seven players per team. The sport does not require any specific type of field and can be played anywhere. The only equipment required to play the sport are, a pair of spherical stones for each player, and two target pegs.

There are no specifications for the size and weight of the stones used, and is left for the players to decide what suits them the best.

The two targets are fixed about 20m apart from each other. The game play involves players taking turns to throw the stones towards the target. All throws have to be done underarm like in softball. After all the stones have been thrown, points are calculated based on how close one team's stones are to the target than the other. Players are allowed to strike the other team's balls and move it away from the target.

Besides playing for recreation, digor is commonly played during major occasions like New Year celebrations and other traditional holidays.

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