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Boules Sports - get as close as you can to a target

While some sports are commonly called boules (such as Pétanque and Bocce), it is actually a general term for a category of sports, where the aim is to throw or roll a ball to get it as close as possible to a target.

Traditional boules-type games are popular in many European countries. Boules games are usually played in town squares and parks, typically large, level, rectangular courts made of flattened earth or gravel.

Depending on the version being played, the balls are either thrown or rolled towards a target ball. The throwing techniques may vary. Points are usually scored for getting your ball closest to the target. Sometimes a run-up is allowed. The balls can be made of wood, metal or leather, and vary in size and weight.

Related sports are bowling sports, in which a player rolls or throws a ball towards a set of pins or other objects, trying to knock down as many as possible.

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