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Bocce, which is sometimes called bocci, is a ball sport that is part of the boules sport family. Variations include raffa bocce, bocce volo and boccia (for disabled athletes). Italian migrants in Australia, North America, and South America usually play bocce.

The sport is played on soil and asphalt. The balls used in bocce are made of metal or kinds of plastic. The game can be played between two individuals or teams of two, three or four. A chosen side will start the match by throwing the smaller ball (jack), from one end of the court to the zone which is at the other end of the court.

If the team misses twice, the opposing team will have the opportunity to place the jack anywhere within the prescribed zone. The team will receive a point for their balls which are close to the jack. The players are allowed to throw the ball in the air; they can use an underarm action. This tactic is used to knock the jack or another ball to gain a favourable position.

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