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Eating for Health

A good diet is not just about losing weight, but about keeping your body healthy and free from disease. It is true that many diseases are affected by excess body weight, so it is still important to keep your body weight in a healthy range, but many other dietary changes can impact your health too.

a nutritious meala nutritious meal

A Healthy Diet

Stay healthy by making Healthy Food Choices, such as considering organic foods. We should also pay attention to the Nutrients in the food we eat, including Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, L-carnitine and Antioxidants.

Sometimes you can make minor changes to your diet by Substituting Foods to make dishes healthier. Supplements are also an option. Set yourself on a path to more healthy eating with a meal plan app. As well as advice on making good food choices for a healthy body, we discuss some Foods which should be eaten in moderation, or not at all.

Staying Well

The food we eat can also help Prevent Illness & Disease and help us live a longer healthier life. What we eat can address Inflammation, Diabetes and Fatigue.

On the Road

There are a lot of nutritional considerations when Eating Out, or when you are Traveling there are foods and water that can be a source of contamination and have the potential to make you unwell.

Healthy Nutrition for Groups

Nutrition advice varies significantly across different age groups and population segments, primarily due to differences in activity demands, metabolic rates, and health considerations at various life stages and with different situations, for example, men over 50.

Food Analysis

Are you eating well? There are many Dietary assessment methods used to check whether you are getting the right nutrients. Also, try our Health Audit to give your diet a checkup.


We have educational resources for dietitians, students and others interested in following a healthy diet, such as these nutrition activities for school students, and more about Food Label Reading. Check out our Food Myths & Facts — what to believe and what not to believe.

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Health Extra

Eating well and exercising are important for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also have a list of health tests used to monitor your health, and reviews of health products.

Weight Loss Extra

There are no simple answers. You should keep a healthy weight, consider one of these diets, though exercise is also important.

Sports Nutrition Extra

Athlete nutrition isn't just about weight loss. It is important to fuel the body optimally before, during and after exercise, as well as to stay hydrated. Supplements may also be required.

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