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Organic Food - Is it healthier?

The short answer is no, organic food is not healthier, nor is it worse for you. Research has found that organic food has basically the same nutritional value as non-organic food. In addition, organic food is generally more expensive and consequently people will eat less healthy fruit and vegetables. It is also not healthy for your wallet to spend extra money on something that is no better for you.

A review published in the scientific journal Critical Reviews In Food Science And Nutrition in 2010, reported that some studies found organic foods had higher levels of vitamin C and phosphorus than conventional foods, but on closer scrutiny there was little difference between the nutrient levels. Other tests on the fatty acid composition of organic and conventional food showed minimal difference, with some tests even showing organic eggs had greater concentration of the bad saturated fats.

woman with a green applean apple is good for you

While many health professional continue to advise people to eat organic, you need to be wary as there is little scientific evidence to support this. It is best to keep eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a well balanced diet.

On a side point, eating locally produced fruit and vegetables has a lower carbon footprint, and therefore better for the environment, but that is another issue.

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