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Dietary Assessment Methods

A well-balanced diet which includes all the main food groups ensures adequate intake of all the essential nutrients. However, it is not always clear if your diet has all the right components and in adequate amounts. To find out if you are getting the right amounts, there are quite a few different ways to assess your diet.

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Assessment Methods

There are several common methods for recording a person's food intake, and a few others that are less commonly used. No one method is a perfect solution and each has its pros and cons. The method to use will depend on which best fits the situation and the abilities of the patient and assessor. For example, a diet record completed over several days is more likely to generate more accurate intake information than a single 24-hour recall, though the participants may not be able to recall or record the information accurately.

Food Intake Assessment

Once you have collected information about the food intake, the next step is to analyze the information. This is often done using food nutrition assessment software, which comprises tables of most foods that would be expected to be in the diet.

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