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Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis is sport which has elements from tennis and volleyball, and is played on the beach. There are two forms of beach tennis, Beach Tennis USA and Beach Tennis with a paddle racket.

Beach tennis USA is similar to beach volleyball but played with a tennis ball and a racket. The rules are the combination of tennis and volleyball. If the ball hits the sand, this results in a point. The scoring is the same that of tennis, 15 – 30 – 40, and no-ad at deuce.

For beach tennis USA events, the format depends on the number of entrants and number of courts available, and also the time available. Usually, the preliminary rounds are pool-play. Pool play means, there is a pool of four, one will play the other three teams in the pool. The top teams will advance to the next pool.

beach tennis game beach tennis game

A sport similar to beach tennis with a solid paddle racket but no net is played in other countries, which is sometimes called beach paddle ball, and in Israel it's called matkot, in brazil it is frescobol.

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