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Soft Tennis

Soft tennis is a sport that is essentially the same as lawn tennis, but is played with a softer ball as opposed to a hard yellow ball used for lawn tennis. The sport originated in Japan where a softball was preferred over the harder ball. The sport is currently very popular in Asia and has also gained some attention in Europe.

The sport can be played in a singles and doubles format. The dimension of the court is exactly same as lawn tennis, with markings for singles and doubles court.

the gameplay is similar to lawn tennis, which starts with a serve, and is followed by back and forth returns. The serve has to fall on the diagonally opposite box from where a player is serving. Balls are allowed to bounce a maximum of one time before it is returned. Points are awarded to players if the opponents are unable to return the ball inbounds.

Japanese children playing soft tennis Japanese children playing soft tennis

The scoring and game play is exactly same are lawn tennis, where matches are played in a three set format, where a player or team to win two sets first wins the match.

A world championship is conducted for the sport every four years in which national teams from several countries take part.

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