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Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is a racket (paddle) and ball sport, that has been developed from tennis. The court is smaller than in tennis, requiring faster reactions, and the development of net play.

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The origins of paddle tennis can be traced back 100 years. The game was developed by an Episcopal minister Frank Peer Bea, from lower Manhattan, USA. He wanted to develop recreational activities for the children of the neighborhood.

Compared to lawn tennis, the court used for paddle tennis is small. It has no double side lanes and the net is also lower. The game is played with a solid paddle (compared to the stringed racket used in regular tennis). The ball used for playing the game is a depressurized tennis ball, so it does not bounce as much as a regular tennis ball.

In paddle tennis, the same court is used for playing either doubles or singles. Doubles is the most popular type of game played.

The game is becoming popular and is played in many countries in Europe. It is also played in Dubai and Egypt. Local leagues and tournaments are held frequently in the Gulf states.

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