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Matkot / Frescobol

This beach game is played with two solid padel rackets, and is similar to beach tennis that is played with a net. In Israel it is called Matkot, in Brazil it is called Frescobol.

The sport of matkot was named after the racket, a makta, but there are no records as to where the word originated. Two or more players can play the game at once. It is usually played outdoors at the beach.

The objective of the game is to hit a ball (like a squash ball) with a wooden racket as many times as possible without dropping the ball.

frescobol bat set frescobol bat set

The head of the racket varies in size. The top of the racket is round and about 12 inches in diameter. The handles are short. The ball used is just the squash ball, but for beginners, they use a lighter ball.

Matkot / frescoball is more of a recreational sport, games are generally non-competitive.

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