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Squash - The Sport

Squash is a type of racket sport played indoors in an enclosed court. The sport originated in the UK, and is currently played in almost all countries around the world.

The court used is rectangular in shape and is split into two halves, front and rear, using a horizontal marker line. The rear half is split into two boxes with a vertical line. Each rear box has a small marked service area. All the markings on the floor are relevant only during the serve and has no role in subsequent plays. The front wall has three markings, and the rear wall has a single marking, about half the height of the topmost marking on the front wall. The side walls have slanted markings that connect the topmost marking on the front wall to the marking on the rear wall.

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A play begins with a serve. A serve has to be delivered from the small service area within the rear boxes. Serves should strike between the top and the middle marking on the front wall, and should fall within the adjacent rear box. After the initial serve, players alternate turns to return the ball back onto to the front wall. Balls are allowed to bounce only once on the floor before it is returned. Balls are allowed to bounce many times on the side walls, but has to reach the front wall without bouncing on the floor. Points are awarded to a player if an opponent is unable to legally return the ball back inbounds.

Squash matches are played in best of five set formats. Each set is played for 11 points, with a two point lead format. The player who wins three sets first is declared as the winner of the match.

World Squash Federation, the highest governing body for the sport conducts several international tournaments all through the year, of which the most popular is the PSA World Series.

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