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Hardball Squash

Hardball squash is a sport that was directly derived from squash in North America during the late 19th early 20th century. The one significant difference between hardball squash and regular squash, as evident for its name is that, for hardball squash a much harder ball is used for game play.

In Canada, where the soft ball was not suitable because of the cold conditions, a hard ball was used for playing squash. As the usage of the hardball grew in popularity it resulted in the development of a new sport with its own codified rules. 

The game can be played in singles or doubles format. The court used for the singles format is 18 1⁄2 ft wide with a 17in tin is much smaller than a 21ft wide regular squash court with a 21in tin. A much larger court measuring 45 X 25ft is used for playing doubles. The game play and the scoring system are exactly the same as that used for squash.

The game which was popular in North America in the past has considerably lost it appeal and has been replaced by regular squash. But there seems to still be some interest in the doubles version of the sport.

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