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Racquets (British English) or rackets in (American English) is a racket sport played indoors. The sport of squash developed from racquets. It is mostly played in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. Rackets was developed in 18th century London, where it was mostly their pasttime.

Rackets is played in an enclosed court; the size is 30 by 60 feet, and a ceiling of 30 feet high. The walls and floors are usually made of smooth stone. The players use a 770mm wooden racket, which is also called a bat, and they hit a 38mm hard white ball. Rackets is usually played fast, and sometimes it gets dangerous.

A winner is determined when a player reaches fifteen points, in case both are tied at thirteen or fourteen, the game can be set to sixteen or eighteen points. The server is the only one who can score. Some of the shots played in rackets are volley, forehand, and the backhand - they are all very similar to squash.

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