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Squash Tennis

Squash tennis is an indoor racquet sport which was derived from both squash and lawn tennis. The sport originated in the United States and it is the only place where it is played.

The court used is rectangular in shape enclosed by walls on all four sides. The front wall has 3 markings similar to squash, at 2ft (tin line), 6ft (service line) and 16ft (out line), from the bottom. The floor has a marking for a service line, 10 ft from the wall. The service line area is vertically split into two halves. The back wall has an out-line marked at 4.5ft from the floor.

Every play starts with a serve. A serve is valid if is strikes the front wall between the service line and the outline and falls within the opposite service box. The play continues with the exchange of fair shots by both players until a point is scored. The service lines in the wall and the floor have no role in the subsequent plays. Points are awarded if a player is unable to return the ball inbounds, which is, between the tin-line and the out-line on the front wall, and below the out-line on the back wall.

Matches are played in best of three sets format, where each set is played for 15 points, and the player to win two sets first is declared as the winner of the match.

Squash tennis is a dying sport. There are no organized tournaments conducted and is rarely played even at a recreational level.

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