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Disc Sports

Disc sports or flying disc games, are sports or games played using discs. This sport is often called Frisbee, which is a trademark name for the flying disc. The flying disc was invented by Walter Morrison in 1948. About 10 years later, the company Wham-o brought the rights to the device, and promoted it as a new toy called a Frisbee, which it is popularly known as today.

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The most popular disc games are Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport like American football, but a disc is thrown instead of a ball. Disc Golf is a sport that is similar to golf, with the disc thrown at nets instead of hitting a ball into a hole.

Another well-known disc game is Freestyle Flying Disc. Types of freestyle games are disc dog and disc freestyle. Other competitions involving the Frisbee are disc guts, double disc court, and fricket. There are versions of ultimate called goaltime, hot box, mini ultimate, schtick disc, and kan-jam.

Disc Sports

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