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Fricket is a ‘two-on-two’ disc game that is popularly known as disc cricket. One-on-one can also be played. Roughly originated from cricket, this game is played in between two teams with two players in each and with the help of flying discs. This game is a perfect combination of ‘Frisbee’ and ‘Cricket’ as the name indicates.

It is quite popular throughout the United States and in some other regions - people call it stickupski, drunken snatch, disc cricket, cups, suzy sticks, crispy wickets and also catchy-throwy.

You do not need any protective equipment because it is a non-contact game. You only need four 1.5 m long wickets of wood, bamboo and even plastic. In fact, wickets can be of any material you prefer. Now get four cups each of 12-ounce to set atop of the wickets and also get a flying disc.  

Wickets are poked into the ground in rectangular shape. Fix one pair of wickets at distance of 15 inches at least and the other one at about 40 feet in opposite direction and away from the first pair.  Now each team will stand behind one wicket pair and then play the game by taking turns to throw the flying disc at the opposite wickets.  Players can either hit the cups by throwing the disc to strike wicket/cup or successfully pass the disc below the cups levels but in between the two wickets without making any contact.

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