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Beach Ultimate Frisbee

Beach ultimate is a variation of ultimate played on a sandy beach instead of a grass field. Beach Ultimate differs from the sport of ultimate played on a field primarily in its playing surface and some rule adaptations. It is played on a sandy beach instead of a grassy field, which affects movement and gameplay.

a game of ultimate Frisbeea game of ultimate Frisbee on the beach

Beach Ultimate often has modified rules to accommodate the different playing conditions, such as smaller teams, shorter games, and adjustments for wind and sand. The specific rules and guidelines for beach ultimate may vary depending on the event or tournament.

As in field ultimate, the objective of each team is to score a goal by having a player catch a pass in the end zone. A thrower may not run with the disc, but may pass it in any direction to a teammate.

Beach ultimate games may feature fewer players on each team compared to traditional ultimate, such as 5-on-5 instead of 7-on-7. The games also tend to be shorter and the field smaller (75x25m) , particularly as movement on sand is more difficult and more demanding.

One thing that is the same is self-officiating. Like in traditional ultimate, beach ultimate is usually self-officiated, with players responsible for making calls and resolving disputes on the field.

The first Beach Ultimate tournament was in 1986 in Texas. In 1989 the first international Beach Ultimate tournament was held in Italy. There are currently many national and international beach ultimate tournaments held around the world.

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