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Freestyle Flying Disc

Freestyle Flying Disc is a disc sport, also known as freestyle Frisbee, in which creative, acrobatic, and athletic maneuvers are performed with a flying disc. This sport combines aspects of gymnastics and dance with the basic game of throw and catch.

Freestyle Flying DiscFreestyle Flying Disc

Freestyle is performed indoors and outdoors, on fields and on the beach. The style and technique of players will depend on the conditions they play in, particularly if it is windy. One important feature of freestyle flying disc is the technique called the nail delay, that involves balancing the disc on the fingernail while the disc continues to spin. This technique allows freestylers to change the flight path of the disc and perform numerous technical maneuvers such as restricted pulls, holds, turnovers, and shoots.

Competitions are usually conducted in the form of freestyle jams, usually involving teams of 2 to 5 people. Each team performs a choreographed routine of three to five minutes in length, and are evaluated by judges scoring the routine on the difficulty, artistic impression and execution. The team with the highest score wins.

Freestyle is performed with a lighter, usually 160 gram disc. In addition to the disc, the other piece of equipment used in freestyle disc is fake nails. Yes, most advanced players wear fake nails to aid in the performing of their tricks.

Freestyle flying disc was on the program for the inaugural World Urban Games.

There is also freestyle disc events as sport of the sport of Disc Dog.

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