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Disc Dog

Disc dog, which is also called frisbee dog, is a type of dog sport which uses discs. Most of the disc dog competitions are distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. A team of one dog and one person can compete in the “toss and fetch” event. Points are awarded for certain distances.

Some of these competitions involve the dynamic freestyle event, which consists of choreographed techniques with music and with multiple discs on display. There are categories based on skills and experiences of the handler, but the long-distance category is divided by gender.

Disc dog, which is also called frisbee dogDisc dog is also called frisbee dog

Some other popular events are toss and fetch, freestyle, and long-distance. The toss and fetch is a mini-distance throw and catch event. The contestant can make as many throws within 60 seconds. The freestyle competition is a judged event, with routines lasting up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. The long-distance event used to be just a half time show in the NFL.

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