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Wood Chopping Competitions

Wood Chopping, which can also be spelled as wood-chopping or woodchoping, is a sport that dates back hundred years and is practiced in several cultures. Contemporary woodchopping originated in Ulverstone, Tasmania in the 1870’s. It was a result between a bet of two axemen on who could first fall a tree.

In wood chopping competitions, the participants attempt to cut or saw a log or other types of wood. Usually, woodchopping competitions are in state fairs and agricultural shows. The participants are usually called axemen.

a wood chopping competition in 1918 New Zealand soldiers compete in a wood chopping competition in 1918

There are many woodchopping events. One is called the standing block, which is to cut a scarf in one side. There is also an event called the underhand, the participants stand on the top of the log and then they use a downward motion split the log in two as fast as they can. The crowd favorite is the hot saw. In this event participants use a chainsaw to cut logs.

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