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Log Sawing Competitions

Sawing, which involves cutting across entire logs of wood using saws, is a part of the family of logging or Lumberjack events which is contested during the annual Lumberjack World Championships, or during other Woodchopping competitions.

Log Rolling two men compete in a log rolling competition

There are four different types of sawing events that take place during the championships, which are:

Hot saw : An individual event, conducted only for men, in which a single-motor, single-cylinder chain saw is used to make three vertical cuts; down, up and down.

Jack & Jill : An event in which a man and woman pair have to completely cut the log.

Double Buck : An event in which a two men team has to completely cut through the log using a two-man bucking saw.

Single Buck : An individual event, conducted separately for men and women, in which, a one-man bucking saw is used to cut through the log.

The log used for all the four events is a white pine log that is 20-inch in diameter. A 16-inch diameter log is used for the individual women events. For events where manual saws are used, a starting cut is of less than half-an-inch usually allowed. All the four events are timed-based, where the individual or pair to complete the event in the fastest time is the winner.

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