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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a target striking sport, similar to archery, in which competitors throw axes at a circular target. The sport evolved from the lumberjack pastime activity of throwing axes.

The target used is a circular board made of wood, with five 4-inch wide color coded concentric circles. The target is placed at a distance of 21-ft from the throwing line, which is regarded as the standard, though some axe throwing competition organizers have used distances ranging from 15 to 30ft.

Points are awarded for each throw based on where the axe lands on the target board. The mark on the outermost ring that the axe touches is used for awarding points. Hitting the bulls eye is worth five points, hitting the outermost circle is awarded one point, followed by two, three, and four points for the subsequent inner circles.

axe throwingaxe throwing

In competitions, each thrower get five attempts to throw. If a thrower misses the target completely, or if the thrower steps past the target line before the axe makes contact with the target, the throw is disqualified and is awarded zero points. The thrower with the maximum total number of points is declared as the winner.

Axe throwing competitions are mostly conducted as a part of lumberjack sporting events.

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