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Knife Throwing

Knife throwing is a combat skill and sport that requires the artist to be professionally trained in the art of throwing knives. Knife throwing operates on same principles of mechanics whether it is used as a sport or in martial arts.

The sport of knife throwing is similar to archery, the knife is thrown towards a target. The main aim is to apply ample force that enables the point to stick into the target. It requires increased accuracy, precision, placement of the body and increased practicing.

There is particular spin technique that makes the knife spin when it is thrown. Furthermore, it is crucial to take into account the way one holds the knife. For example, when you hold it at the blade then it would spin half and if you hold it from the handle, it will spin full.

knife throwing knife throwing

With the simple and easy no spin techniques, it is assured that the throwing motion stays linear. The artist does so by placing index finger on the spine as it is released. This will make sure that the knife makes no revolution but these no spin throws are less accurate or stable as compared to when thrown using spin techniques.

Knife throwing is also widely popular for entertainment purposes in fact it is a part of a group of performance art also known as impalement arts.

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