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Strongman - Tests of Strength

Strongman, also referred to as strength athletics, is a sport in which competitors are tested for their pure strength, using a variety of different tasks. Though there has been competitions conducted for testing strength for several decades, attempts to officially codify the sport began in the 20th century which culminated with the development of the World's Strongest Man competition in 1977.

Most strongman competitions consist of six to eight events. Contestants are awarded points for each event based on their finish position. The contestant with the most number of points at the end of all the events is the winner.

strongman weight pullstrongman weight pull

Though the tasks that are required to be performed in a competition keeps changing, some of the tasks that are commonly used are:

strongmen at the Highland Gamesstrongmen at the Highland Games

Though the World's Strongest Man remains to be the most popular strongman competition, there are other major competitions like Arnold Strongman Classic and Strongman Champions League.

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