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Kite Landboarding

Kite landboarding is also called flyboarding and land kiteboarding. The sport is influenced by kitesurfing. Kite landboarding as the name suggests makes use of mountain board or landboard which is a huge skateboard containing foot straps and wheels.

Kite landboarding requires areas that are open and have a constant wind flowing along with no trees or people nearby that will act as obstacles. The ideal location of kite landboarding is large sandy beaches that have no people to visit regularly.

Starting off, a rider first gets the kite into a neutral position over the head. The rider then orients the kite in such a way that it pulls him across the ground. As the rider gets skilled, he can perform several tricks such as rotation and flips.

There is a special trick known as Board-off trick where the rider removes the board from his feet when he is in air and before he lands, he puts it back on his feet. Other tricks include on the ground tricks such as riding with your back towards the kite and sliding the board. Ramps and grinders are skateboard style accessories that are widely popular in the present times.

In the last few years, the sport has become so popular that landboarding parks have opened that offer large areas with ramps and other obstacles.

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