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Kite Fighting

Kite fighting is popular in Asian countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Korea and Afghanistan. For kite fighting, fighter kites are used that are specifically designed for this thrilling game.

Fighter kites are made with a light weight and thin paper. The spars are made with a flexible and lightweight wood usually from bamboo plant.

In modern American fighting, synthetic materials are used for making kites such as nylon and polyester sheeting.

When the kite is flown, the air pressure acts making the kite deformed which gives it stability. As the line tension is reduced, the kite becomes unstable. Letting out more line is responsible for reducing line tension. Instability makes the kite spin. When the tension is reapplied, the kite starts flying in the flyer’s required direction.

kids in Nepal flying a paper kite kids in Nepal flying a paper kite

The main aim of kite fighting is to cut opponent’s line. It can be played between one to many opponents. The one who is able to have his kite in the air when all else are not due to their lines being cut wins. Sometimes, kite fighting follows an objective of capturing the kite of opponent.

It is played between teams or is also played as an individual game. The game is quite dangerous as it results in many accidents due to the sharpness of the line which can even cut the neck of someone by accident if they come in contact.

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