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Sport Kite (Stunt Kite)

Sport kite is an aerial sport where the objective is to fly the kite in several patterns in time to background music.. Kite flying hobby was transformed into a sport when advanced kites were developed with multiple lines, which allowed for higher control of kites.

Kites used come in different shapes, but for competitions, a triangular shaped kite with multiple lines are used. Kites are made of a polyester material with a carbon fiber frame and polyethylene lines. Kites are maneuvered by using the lines, and the pilots themselves moving forward or backwards.

Several sport kite regional and international competitions are conducted annually in a number of countries. A World Championship is the most popular competition for the sport that is conducted biennially.

flying a stunt kite flying a stunt kite

Competitions are conducted in three different categories, individuals, a pair of two, or a team of up to 8. In pair and team events, each pilot has to fly their own kite, and all patterns have to include all the kites.

In competitions, pilots have to demonstrate some compulsory pre-defined movement patterns and a ballet routine. All routines are performed to a background music. Each routine is judged for several factors and points are awarded. Individual or a team with the most points wins the competition.

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