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Land Windsurfing

Land windsurfing, also referred to as land sailing, is a sport that evolved from windsurfing, where a surfboard with wheels and sails are used to surf on land. The sport was developed with the intent of allowing people to enjoy windsurfing without having to go deep into the waters.

The board used for land windsurfing has four wheels. The wheels used vary in size, but are much bigger than the wheels on skateboards. There are even specialized boards available that are designed with shock absorbers.  The front part of the board has a bracket fixed on it, on which the mast with a sail is mounted. The board is moved by maneuvering the sail based on the direction of the wind. Most boards require winds upwards of 5mph to move.

There are no known major international or domestic competitions for land windsurfing. It is mostly done at a recreational level by a group of land windsurfing enthusiasts. Experts are often able to do tricks like twists and turns as they jump off of a ramp. Land windsurfing is an year long sport, which can be practiced regardless of the season. It is known to be used as an alternative form of practice by traditional windsurfers during winter months.

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