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Jet Ski Racing

Jet Ski racing is a water sport similar to powerboat racing, in which riders use jet skis to compete. The sport is mostly practiced at a recreational level in several countries around the world. At a competitive level, Jet Ski racing is popular in the United States and Australia.

Jet ski races are mostly conducted on large lakes. All athletes taking part in the races are required to wear helmets, full body suits and other protective gear. There are different classifications of jet skis based on engine capacity, and in competitions, separate races are conducted for each class.

The course used for races are created with buoys and are usually oval in shape. The lengths of the courses vary between locations and are typically between a quarter mile and one mile. Races last for a fixed number of laps around the course, and the rider to first complete the number of laps and cross the finish line is the winner.

jet ski racejet ski race

Competitions are conducted in a heats format where 8 - 10 riders take part in each race. Top finishers from each heat subsequently move to the next round, which continues until the final race, where the final winners are decided.

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