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Hovercraft Racing

Hovercraft racing is a variant of racing as a sport which uses a hovercraft. A hovercraft, which is also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft which can travel on land, water, mud, ice and other surfaces.

There are small hovercrafts which are commercially manufactured, which are being used for recreational or competitive purposes such as inland racing and cruising. Hovercraft racing is usually done on tracks, just like auto racing, but part of the track is water and there is some part which is grass.

hovercraft racer hovercraft racer

There is a World Hovercraft Championship which is organized every year. Just like auto racing, there are various classes for hovercraft racing. There’s the formula 1, no limits on the size or number of engines. There’s the formula 2, a certain number of engines should be used. Formula J is for the junior class, which is for children up to 18 years old. Formula 25 is the most popular. The machines for formula 25 are limited to a horsepower of 25hp.

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