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Hydroplane Racing

Hydroplane racing is an extreme sport that involves racing of hydroplanes, mostly on lakes or rivers. The sport is popular in many countries especially in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Hydroplane races are conducted on an oval courses that are created using buoys. The track is usually about a mile long. A race starts with warm-up laps for about five minutes, and at the end of the warm-up laps, a white flag is waved that signifies the start of the race. A race lasts for 3 laps, and the first to cross the finish line is declared as the winner.

Hydroplane RacerHydroplane Racer

A race is contested by four or five riders, depending on the circuit. Events are conducted in heats format, where racers are eliminated until the final four of five racers are left for a final race to decide the winner of the entire event.

Hydroplane races are categorized into four circuits based on the classification of boats used for racing, which are, International Professional Outboard Hydroplane Racing, Grand Prix Hydroplane Racing, Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, Stock & Modified Outboard Racing.

The most popular hydroplane racing competition is the H1 Unlimited Circuit in the Unites States. The league features five races across the country, contested by 13 teams.

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