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Drag Boat Racing

Drag boat racing, is a type of drag racing that is held on water. Just like drag racing, participants race their water vehicles for the lowest elapses time, also called low ET.

The usual drag boat racing length is 1/8 miles and ΒΌ mile, the most common length is 3/16 mile plus 10 feet. They race over a course of a specific length. Drag boat racing starts from a short rolling start. They cannot pass unless the light turns green.

There are different classes of drag boat racing based on engine, fuel type, hull design, and propulsion types. The most famous class for drag boat racing is the Top Fuel Hydroplane, it can over the liquid quarter mile of less than four seconds, and it can reach up to 260 mph. The most popular drag boat racing event is called the LODBRS World Finals, it is held at the Firebird Raceway in Arizona.

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