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Flag Football

Flag football is a non-contact variation of American football or Canadian football.It has a similar set of rules to American football, but instead of tackling players to the ground in this sport, the defensive team has to remove the flag or a flag belt from the ball carrier.

As in traditional gridiron football, the primary objective is to score touchdowns by advancing the football down the field and crossing the opponent's goal line. The absence of contact blocking and emphasis on positional tactics make flag football accessible and enjoyable for players of various ages and skill levels.

American flag football gameFlag football

Flag football involve two teams, usually comprising 5, 7, or 8 players each, competing on a smaller field compared to traditional football.

A typical flag football pitch measures 70 x 30 yards (64m x 27.4m) with 10 yards (9.1m) allotted to each of the two endzones.

Players aim to gain yards by running or passing the ball. Instead of tackles, defenders stop the play by pulling the flags from the ball carrier's belt.

Forward passes are permitted, and the quarterback throws the ball to receivers who attempt to catch it and gain yardage. Teams have four attempts (called downs) to advance the ball a specific distance, with each successful attempt earning them a new set of downs.

Scoring involves touchdowns worth six points, and teams can opt for extra point or two-point conversion attempts after a score.

Flag football is widely played all around Asia, Europe and North America and is also being offered by many sports clubs. Flag football will make its Olympic Games debut in 2028. It was also a invitational sport at the 2022 World Games.


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