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Canadian Football

Canadian Football is a type of gridiron football that is played in Canada. Canadian Football is similar to American football, but it also has differences.

In Canadian Football, there are 12 players on the field in each team instead of 11. The field is around 10 yard wider, are 10 yards longers between end zones, the end zones are 10 yards deeper. Each team can have only three downs to gain 10 yards. This results in less offensive rushing unlike American football. When a down begins, the players in the defending team must be 1 yard away from the line of scrimmage.

Canadian football in the snow Candian football is more likely to be played in snow

There is a league for Canadian Football which is called Canadian Football League, it has nine professional teams. The season begins in June, the playoffs for the Grey Cup is some time in November. A women’s version for Canadian Football is starting to gain popularity. A woman’s league called the maritime Women’s Football League was established in 2004.

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